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New Article 1.13.2 | New Server Spawn

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1.13.2 | New Server Spawn


Our new server is coming along nicely.
We are adding more and more each day to enhance your gaming experience. Every day we add more plugins to our fun server.

Just a reminder:

We are still in need of Moderators and Builders, click here if you think you have what it takes.

Important Server Admins

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Admins Needed

Running a minecraft Server and Website can be busy at times so I need help running both the server and the website. If you would like to help out being an admin please complete an application (to be created). I require serious applications only, not applications just because you want the status of being an admin.

What's required?

Being an efficient builder in mincraft is a bonus, however knowledge in plugins, php, wordpress, mysql and Xenforo is a must. If you are not confident in any of these, please do not waste your time or mine, if you are confident, then you are the person I require. Although not a necessity, you must also be mature of mind, meaning that you need to put the server first and not your mates.

Information New Website and Server

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Welcome to Complexity Craft's new Website and Server.

Our website is still being created as is our server, unfortunately this will take time. Our server is running, however certain permissions have not been added thus some players may not be able to build or even access the server, if this is the case and you can't access our server please email us so we can have it recitified for you.

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have so please get started and add your suggestions to the forums.

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